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Recruitment made easy!

Reczee empowers all the stakeholders to do the most minimal amount of work and let the platform handle the rest.

Carefully crafted around experience of everyone!

Carefully crafted around experience of everyone!

We understand how complicated recruitment could get if everything is done manually.

When it comes to Recruitment, every company has a different way of managing it - Excel, Email, Slack, WhatsApp, etc whereas everyone is trying to do the same thing - get new folks onboard!

Since it costs time across multiple stakeholders (Candidates, Panels, TAs, Leadership team), it is important to make it very crisp and efficient.


In our mission of solving for Experience - this is what we bring to the table. Lot more being cooked too!

Candidate timeline

Complete history of the candidate application all in one view - calls, emails, internal comments, evaluations.

Customize everything

Questions, Rounds, Panelists, Interview pipelines, Scoring scales, Roles, Designations and more.

Candidate login

No longer digging through emails. A clear picture of the application for candidates along with email trail, set availability, etc.


Make data-driven decisions - find the dropouts, time taken, feedback, etc and tweak your processes accordingly in a time range.

State management

A very intuitive state management system to make sure progress is tracked effectively.

Panel management

Effectively distribute interviews to panels to ensure effective org output and introduce new panels with shadowing

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