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Our mission is to bring efficiency in the entire hiring process - not just for every step but also for every stakeholder!

Recruitment has been ignored for long!

Recruitment has been ignored for long!

Recruitment is one of the most important functions in an organization.

When it comes to efficiency in recruitment, it is hugely under-served because of lack of innovation, excessive tool fragmentation, minimal adoption of technology, etc.

At Reczee, our mission is to support organizations in optimizing their recruitment processes, enhancing efficiency in managing talent operations, and bringing transparency throughout the process.


Applied ➟ Shortlisted in 60 seconds ⚡

Finding the best candidate out of hundreds of candidates is the single biggest challenge for a recruiter.

With Reczee Screeno, all you have to do is upload your resumes and see it intelligently tagging the candidates into Top Institute, Top Company, Open source enthusiast, etc. within seconds. The best part is without even opening a single resume.

Discovering quality candidates, made effortless.

Still screening hundreds of irrelevant applications manually?

Reczee TalentHub consolidates results of various skill assessments and proof of work on top of traditional resumes, reducing the overall time spent in screening and interviewing irrelevant candidates.

The ATS that you always wished for!

Juggling with spreadsheets, email, job boards and hundreds of stakeholders?

With Reczee ATS, we ensure every stakeholder is on the platform and can manage their recruitment responsibilities in a single place.

We help you solve for visibility, efficiency, experience and scalability all within a single platform that is designed just for recruitment.

Download applicants from any job board in seconds!

Manually copy-pasting applicant details into your spreadsheets from various job boards?

Reczee Wand helps you fetch all your applicants in a CSV format within seconds from your favourite job boards.

Customers who ❤️ us

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We have been using multiple speadsheets to track candidates and it becomes too much to look after as time goes by. With Reczee, the entire interview process has been streamlined and all the required data right from scheduling to interview feedback is ready on display.

- Jason
The team was very approachable every time with prompt responses. I as a recruiter was able to view the steps and stages of candidate application, we were able to close the role through Reczee. Overall a pretty user-friendly product!

- Priyanka
Reczee TalentHub helped us to get many profiles relevant to the role in a very short time for which we were hiring, the most important part of the recruiter dashboard that we found helpful was to directly update the status for candidates screening by looking at the test they have done on Reczee and do they actually qualify by looking at their resumes.

- Chirayush

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