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We believe in transparency and only want to charge based on your "actual usage"
and not just based on your budget, company size, or the number of logins.

Active candidate applications
Company users
Activity history retention
Access control
Email integration
Calendar integration
Job application page
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2 months
100 MB
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Get Started
₹ 149 ₹ 199
/ active candidate application / month (Above 5 free  🎉)
3 years
5 GB
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  • Dedicated subdomain
  • Bulk actions
  • Priority support
  • Careers page
  • Custom pricing
  • And more...

Free Forever

5 active candidate applications free every month


Pay only based on your usage


Customized features and plans


Recruitment Agency
₹ 350 / agency / month

Agency can login, refer candidates, track their status and add comments to effectively manage the candidates.

Careers page
₹ 800 / month

A branded careers page - open requisitions, logo, SEO friendly link previews and structured data for Google job results.

Frequently asked questions

A candidate application is a relationship of a particular candidate applying for a requisition. A candidate uniquely identified by an email, can apply to multiple requisitions for the same company.

Any candidate application is considered active if there was at least one interview round scheduled in a given month.

A candidate application has a history of interactions which happened during the course of the application like email trail, internal comments, evaluations, waiting on items, calls, etc.

Requisition (also known as Job Opening/Vacancy) is a process of defining intake of candidates for a particular role for hiring to the company.

We do not charge for resumes or for candidate applications which are in screening stage. We only charge for those who have been invited for interviews. In this case, payment would be required for only 10 active candidate applications (5 are free every month). Payment to be done at the end of month would be 10 * ₹149 = ₹1490.

Storage is counted towards all the resumes and email body content which are added while using Reczee.

Once you cross the plan limit of storage amount, ₹ 80/GB/month would be added to your existing billable items.

Once you cross the plan limit for company users, ₹ 60/user/month would be charged for extra company users invited.

We deal with all our customers' requests with utmost priority. We will ensure we communicate a justifiable estimate or resolution on your requests. Any bugs or critical downtimes will be pro-actively resolved and communicated. We are available on +91-8310059766.