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Resume screening is painful

Tired of reviewing thousands of resumes manually?

With an average of 10 seconds per resume and 5 open roles, recruiters are spending 14 hours per week! That too, if at all opened.

Losing out on processing top candidates quickly?

Good candidates would not keep waiting for your shortlisting. We all know the cost of speed in recruitment while closing a quality candidate.

Spending heavily on assessments and interviews?

Without efficient screening of the top-of-the-funnel, you would end up wasting a lot of time and money to assess and interview these candidates.

Discover top candidates instantly

Just upload the applicants or integrate your ATS and see the top candidates getting tagged in seconds ⚡ Sounds too good to be true? - Try it for yourself.

Screen like a Hiring Manager

Effortlessly assess candidates like a hiring manager with our intelligent tagging engine that goes beyond the resume and gathers qualitative insights from external websites.

Boolean search inside Resumes

Whether it is 100 or 1000 applicants, tailor your search with your specific requirements and discover the relevant candidates in seconds by doing boolean search inside the resume text.

Integrate with your stack

Get Screeno's tagging engine to work with your existing recruitment stack to ensure that there is minimal manual effort required for the recruiters.

Streamline your recruitment process with Reczee

Discover how Reczee can simplify your hiring workflow and save you time.
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