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The platform ensures that the quality candidates reach you by meaningful signals like assessments, badges, previous applications, proctoring and more.

It's ancient to rely on a text resume to find the right match - manually or otherwise!

Top candidates deserve visibility!

Quality candidates no longer choose to apply from traditional job boards and career pages. Ending up in a pile of hundreds of applications and hoping to hear back is the worst use of their time.

TalentHub ensures that only the right candidates reach the recruiter. If the recruiter is processing only the relevant candidates, candidates' chances of hearing back is 3x!

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Testimonials ❤️

I took a DSA interview with a Reczee Expert. The interviewer helped with minor hints when I got stuck and also provided constructive feedback after the interview to improve. Not just this, I also got a certificate which I can use for applying to companies listed on TalentHub. I would highly encourage everyone who are preparing for DSA interviews to take an interview with Reczee.

- Chinmay Khandal
I have been using TalentHub as an active job board for the past few weeks. I appreciate the pre-requisite tests and interviews which have been setup and are being prompted to be ready. I liked the in-depth feedback that was provided for my resume which identified a lot of pointers that I had overlooked and I believe could largely be caught by someone whose worked in the industry which I appreciated as such opinions are hard to come by for a college student. I highly recommend TalentHub to my peers to help show their prowess and avail the great opportunities!

- Sandesh Singh
I loved the way how I can pre-validate my skills and fast-pace my application process. I applied to 3 positions and already got an interview with two of them. This is as if I was referred by an internal employee for the position. Also, my DSA interview with Reczee Expert was a pretty great experience where I got some points to improve upon along with a certificate.

- Rohit Mittal
My application got moved really quick in the resume review and received the next steps really fast.

- Sumit Bisht
My overall experience with the TalentHub was great. Starting with the resume review and DSA interview, the interview was smooth, the interviewer was supportive and they provided genuine feedback without taking much time. The platform has a decent amount of job opportunities for beginners as well as experienced candidates. The best part about Reczee's team is all the communication with my application with Bright Money happened within a couple of days.

- Shivesh Tiwari
My experience is great so far. TalentHub is always there for me on each step.

- Pranjal Sagar

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