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Make your entire recruitment process structured and easy to manage, from sourcing till offer rollout.
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Recruitment ops is not easy

Speed in operations

With the volume, stakeholders and the complexity involved in recruiting - it becomes very important to prioritize the speed of recruitment.

A lot of stakeholders

Recruitment is not just for recruiters. You need seamless collaboration with hiring managers, interviewers, candidates and agencies.

Too many tools

Reczee ATS streamlines your hiring process, saving you time and effort spent on various tools like spreadsheets, calendar, email, etc.

One place for everyone.

Reczee ATS offers a comprehensive solution to manage your entire recruitment process, from sourcing candidates to rolling out offers. With our user-friendly platform, you can easily track and manage candidates, ensuring a structured and efficient hiring process.

Customise to match your recruitment.

We value your existing recruitment process and are committed to helping you seamlessly map it on Reczee ATS. Our platform supports custom rounds, pipelines, tags, email templates, and more, ensuring your process remains the same.

Measure efficiently!

Gain valuable insights into your recruitment process with our advanced analytics and reporting features. Track key metrics, monitor performance, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your hiring strategy.

Discover top candidates instantly

With the power of Reczee Screeno in Reczee ATS, see the top candidates getting tagged in seconds ⚡ Sounds too good to be true? - Try it for yourself.

What our customers say

We've earned our customers' trust by consistently exceeding expectations in bringing efficiency in recruitment.
We have been using multiple spreadsheets to track candidates and it becomes too much to look after as time goes by. With Reczee, entire interview process has been streamlined and all the required data from scheduling to interview feedback is ready on display.
Lead Designer, Layers
User Friendly!! Easy steps to manage all the recruitment activities under one platform. We can customise the recruitment process as per our need. Easy to add team members in different roles. Great for candidate management. Happy with the on-time support from the team whenever required.
Lead Designer, Layers
As the title says... "Reczee"! Has made the recruitment process easy and user friendly
Lead Designer, Layers

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