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Raj Patel · 3 min. read

For closing any open position at your company, just relying on inbound applications to convert almost always never works. At some point in time recruiters would have to hunt for great talent so that your funnel is more qualified for a better conversion. Google X-Ray search is one of the strategies that can help you structure your requirement into a search string and easily find the right candidates on various websites. Let's learn how to go about finding candidates with Google.

Search operators

Search text Description
"term" Search for the exact occurrence of word on web pages
-term Exclude "word" from the search results
term * An asterisk represents a wildcard and matches to any string. In this case it would match term engineer as well as term software
OR Include any one of the search term in the results
AND Include all the search terms mentioned
intitle:term Search for webpages having "term" in the document title Show search results matching the criteria from only
inurl:term Search for webpages having "term" in the url
filetype:type Search for documents on the web with the file type type

Let's dive into examples

1. Finding LinkedIn profiles of Software Development Engineer who are working at Amazon

2. Finding LinkedIn profiles of Devops Engineer in Bengaluru

3. Find resumes of UX Designer in San Francisco

4. Find Ruby developers on Github in India

5. Find LinkedIn profiles of Research Interns at IIIT Hyderabad


You can get crafty and use these operators effectively to search from the right candidates for your open positions. Remember, as a Recruiter/Talent Acquisition professional you know better what you're looking for in candidates and this can be used as an advantage to optimize your top of the funnel. This ensures that you screen/interview only the relevant profiles and ensure you make the best use of your time.

Happy recruiting! 🎉

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