Writing effective job descriptions: A comprehensive guide

July 20, 2023
7 minute read
Raj Patel
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Starting with the job description definition, it is a written text comprising responsibilities, duties, and the other related tasks of a position/job role. It also informs about the selection process, expected perks & compensation. It is important for both the candidate and the employer as it gives the candidate an understanding of the intricacies of the job and the company, whereas, it helps the employer get the actual potential candidates for the position.

As a job description is the first interaction between an employer and a potential employee, writing an appealing job description becomes a matter of paramount importance.

We have thoroughly covered what elements an effective job description sample should contain along with five indispensable tips for writing a job description.

Components of Job Description

There might be hundreds of JDs available on the internet, a general job description format comprises the following elements -

Job Title

A Job Title talks about the position the candidate is applying for. A job title should therefore be realistic, accurate, and free from any ambiguity.
Example: Senior Software Engineer, Customer Success Manager, Technical Support Executive, etc.

Roles & Responsibilities

The Job Responsibilities section informs about the functions and day-to-day tasks regarding the role. A well-described section of job responsibilities and duties will help the candidate figure out the scope of their job more effectively. It should clearly state all activities, such as supervising, hiring, assisting, scheduling meetings and much more, depending on the position.


This section is the most important part of the job description as it enlists the knowledge, education and experience required for the position.

The qualifications and educational background required can be mentioned either in terms of a degree or certifications that are in accord with the role.

While the experience can be mentioned in years keeping in mind the minimum experience required for the role. There can be a section of Preferred Qualifications too, where the company can mention some 'good-to-have' qualifications that add extra value to the company.

Skill Sets

Skill sets must be mentioned clearly in terms of both hard and soft skills. While hard skills are dependent on the role, some popular soft skills examples for jobs are communication skills, networking, problem-solving and critical thinking.

Working Conditions & Job Locations

A job description should distinctively cover the Working Conditions and Job Location or Job Type information. It must inform the candidate about the type of job (Remote, Office-based or Field Job) along with the job location.

Benefits & Perks (+ Bonus/Equity)

It is highly recommended to mention perks and benefits to future employees. All the details about bonuses and incentives should be stated like leave policy, reimbursements, outings, etc.

5 Tips for Writing an Effective Job Description

1. Keep it short and simple

According to this report, shorter job descriptions tend to receive up to 8.4% more applications than average. Therefore, it is best to write to the point and cover only the important sections.

2. Make sure the Job description speaks your company's tone

It is important to write according to the tone of your company. For example, it might look good for a creative marketing or design agency to seek an "Amazing Motion Designer" or a "Ninja Coder", but not for a multinational tech firm.

3. Write a clear and crisp "About Us" description

An "About Us" section is a quick description of your company's past, present and future and helps the candidate evaluate their fit in your organisation. Hence, one of the most crucial steps towards building an effective job description is writing a clear "About Us" description. The description should also provide information on the services and products, awards, funding, employee strength, locations, etc.

4. Closely work with the hiring manager

While you can refer to many ready-made job post templates, consulting with your hiring manager is the most important aspect of drafting a meaningful JD. A hiring manager can help you craft job descriptions with more detailed requirements and expectations for the role. Thus, also reducing the number of screen rejections from the hiring manager at the screening stage.  

5. Make sure your Job Posts & Links are SEO friendly

More than 70% of job seekers begin their search on Google. So, evident enough, your potential employee may also be one of them. Therefore, along with crafting engaging job descriptions, it is important to make them SEO friendly.

Reczee ATS helps you build SEO-friendly job application links that are shareable on all your social media accounts. Jobs posted via Reczee ATS also automatically appear on Google Job Search if a person searches for relevant job roles.


A well-written job description will always help you increase the chances of beating competitors and attracting more applicants. In addition, it enables you to speak to your future employees without actually speaking to them.

Therefore, it is crucial to craft job descriptions effectively. We at Reczee are experts at handling your hiring and recruitment needs, minimising the work of all the stakeholders. So, what are you waiting for? Schedule a demo with us today.

Happy recruiting! 🎉

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