Tech recruitment strategies of 2022

Closing tech positions in 2022 would require more than the traditional sourcing channels.

Raj Patel · 4 min. read

The biggest pain point for any recruiter in 2022, it is closing Tech positions. This is not just because of the rising salary expectations but also because the number of options for a candidate has increased significantly. It becomes very important for a recruiter to get their A game in their outreach and stand out from the crowd. We will go through some of the strategies that can make you more effective.

1. Smart search queries

Change the way you search. Go to the right platforms and search accurately to make sure you are not polluting the top of the funnel.

  • Search for Ruby developers in Bengaluru on Github - Try it out (You need to be signed in to view the email address of users)
    Find Ruby developers in Bengaluru - language:ruby location:bengaluru
  • Use the power of Google search on Linkedin - Try it out
    Find LinkedIn profiles of Devops engineers in Mumbai - "Devops engineer" "Mumbai" -intitle:"profiles"

2. Organize events

Events are a great way to engage an audience and spread awareness about your company and the cool work that you do.

Organize Hackathons, learning sessions, experience sessions, hiring manager sessions, roundtable discussions, etc. The cost of doing these events would be way lesser than the commission you pay to recruitment agencies and you can end up getting more quality applicants who appreciate your company. The employer branding you get out of this would be a bonus 🙂

3. Say no to assignments?

Sending assignments to candidates is often considered a good way for screening their technical skills. This is starting to fade away as a lot of good candidates do not want to spend these 3-4 hours on an assignment to find out that they didn’t even get one interview. It depends on your current response rate on your assignments. If you think there is a lot of ghosting at the assignment stage, please consider shortening the assignment or introducing a short 15-30 mins telephonic screening instead.

4. Pick the right organizations

For a cold outreach, it is important to narrow the search to a few organizations so that your conversion could be better and for a specific skill set. You can invest in figuring out strategies to really find the appropriate companies where your future employees might be working right now -

  • If you're looking for Ruby on Rails developers then find companies who use Ruby on Rails and then reach out to such candidates over LinkedIn
  • Find competitors who are in a similar space
  • Find Open source projects that your Tech team uses on Github and reach out to the contributors

5. Conduct Drives

Now that we are in the pandemic, if organized correctly, hiring drives can be highly efficient to close positions faster. These can be completely online over a bunch of video calls. One day, few candidates, few panels and a few offers at the end of the day! This increases the probability of candidates accepting offers faster instead of going to and fro searching for available slots and delaying the offers.

There are many more such strategies that good recruiters adopt in the industry to get a good conversion ratio for quality candidates. You can also get in touch with your Tech team to see if they have any ideas based on the skills that they are looking out for in their future peers.

Happy recruiting! 🎉

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